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Sofball by Mind Map: Sofball

1. What I know..

1.1. 3 outs

1.2. Offense

1.2.1. batting

1.3. Defense

1.3.1. in the field

1.4. Includes 2 teaam

1.4.1. One is playing offense

1.4.2. One is playing defense

1.5. Uniforms

1.5.1. Unifroms are used to look more professional

1.5.2. and so you dont get confused about who is on your team

1.6. Uses balls

1.6.1. It depends on how old you are the younger you are the smaller the ball is. The older you are the bigger the ball is.

1.7. 4 bases

1.7.1. First, Second, Third, and Home

1.8. Infield

1.8.1. Includes First, Second, Shortstop, Third, Picter, and Catcher

1.9. Outfield

1.9.1. Includes Left Field, Center Field, and Right Field

2. Who hard is it to get a scholarship in softball?

2.1. What is the percentage of people that actually get one?

3. How hard would it be to play in college and to maintain your schooling?

3.1. Do most people have a low GPA?

4. Is there anything after college that I could do for being to old for travel ball and high school, and college softball?

4.1. Maybe coaching little kids or young teens?