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Mental Asylum by Mind Map: Mental Asylum

1. patient abuse

1.1. shock therapy

1.2. what are the extent of punishments

1.3. sexual abuse

1.3.1. some patients are helpless and cant fight back

1.4. are the patients treated like prisoners

1.5. are patients given "free time"

1.5.1. is outside accessible

2. nurses/staff

2.1. are they legally qualified

2.2. do they treat the patients like human beings

3. asylum conditions

3.1. are the conditions livable

3.2. is it clean

3.2.1. how many have shut down due to conditions

4. food

4.1. what time of day are patients fed

4.1.1. how often

4.2. is the food nutritious

4.3. is the food edible

4.4. if a patient has a specific need for the food (ex: no salt, pureed, lactose intolerance) are the needs met

5. now and then

5.1. how have mental asylums changed from the 50's, 60's, etc. versus now

5.2. are there still asylums that treat patients with zero respect, have horrible living conditions, barely edible food, illegal shock therapy, etc.

5.3. how much has changed

5.3.1. do patients have more rights

6. patient death

6.1. is the family informed

6.2. is the cause of death due to anything other than the staff

6.3. does the hospital have history with disappearing patients