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Track by Mind Map: Track

1. High School

1.1. Can anyone join?

1.1.1. If you're not good, what is the likelihood of playing?

1.1.2. Is track better for overweight people? Do overweight people have events suited for them? What kind of muscles do you gain? Do you lose more weight, or gain more muscle?

1.2. What are the exercises?

1.2.1. What is the best way to improve your times? What is a good time to run your event in? What time is able to get you a scholarship?

1.3. How often is practice?

1.3.1. What do you do at practice? Is practice hard? Do you practice your events? Is there certain footwear you need to practice or play? How do these help you? What is the cost? Can you run barefoot?

2. College

2.1. Times?

2.1.1. How much does your time improve from high school?

2.1.2. Does being tall or short give you a better time?

2.2. Scholarships?

2.2.1. How often are scholarships given? How much scholarship money do you usually get?

3. The Olympics

3.1. What does your time need to be?

3.1.1. Why is Usain Bolt so fast? Do you think there is anyone in the world that can beat him?

3.2. How hard do you need to work?

3.2.1. Do you have to go to college? How many high schoolers go to the track and field Olympics?

3.3. How hard do you need to work?

3.3.1. What is a daily routine? Do you only train? What is your work out? Do you have a job?