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Family by Mind Map: Family

1. My mom

1.1. She is my best friend

1.2. I can tell her absoultly everything

1.3. She drives me crazy sometimes

1.4. I love her to the moom and back 1000 times.

1.5. Shes 38

1.6. I live with her and my nephew

2. My nephew

2.1. He's 2 years old

2.2. He's every spoilded

2.3. I was there in the room when he was born

2.4. Hes a brat

2.5. i love him so much!

2.6. He makes me laugh and smile all of the time

2.7. He lives with me and my mom

2.8. My mom had custody of him

3. My sister

3.1. I dont speak to her

3.2. She's not a good person

3.3. She's made ALOT of mistakes

4. My brothers

4.1. I have 2

4.2. Gunner is the youngest which is 7

4.3. Trever is the oldest which is 18

4.4. They are my half brother

4.5. I dont really get to see them

5. i also have a kitten named Mr. pickles