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Prisons by Mind Map: Prisons

1. security

1.1. is there enough security to handle the prisoners

1.2. are the guards safe

1.3. security of the physical prison

1.3.1. is it good

1.4. do prisons have enough security and guards to control the prisoners

2. population

2.1. over population

2.2. is there enough gard to prison ratio

2.3. is there enough supplies

2.3.1. toilet paper, beds, food, hygiene products, pillows,  blankets

3. gangs

3.1. how dangerous can they be

3.2. how dangerous is it to not be in a gang

3.3. are they racially biased

4. treatment

4.1. medical treatment

4.1.1. are prisoners given the medications they need do they get their medication on time if at all is the infirmary equipped

4.2. guard to prisoner treatment

4.2.1. are prisoner looked at like people are they treated like human beings

4.3. prisoner to prisoner treatment

4.3.1. how often is there murder within the prisoners

4.4. are prisoners allowed to have free time/ go outside

5. crimes

5.1. thieves/murderers/rapists/drug related/blue collar crime

5.1.1. average time served per crime

5.2. how many of them are innocent

5.3. how often are prisoners paroled

5.4. crimes committed inside of prison

6. different types

6.1. federal

6.2. maximum security

6.3. privately owned

6.4. state

6.5. military

6.6. how are they classified

6.7. What are the different types of prisons and what crimes do you need to commit to get in them

7. food

7.1. is it edible

7.2. is it nutritious

7.3. how often are they fed

7.4. serving size

7.5. commissary

8. living conditions

8.1. is it clean

8.2. showers

8.2.1. no privacy how often are prisoners made to shower

8.3. roomates

8.4. safety

8.5. does the way prisoners are treated affect how they act after they are released, or whether or not they go back to their old ways