Education Across the World

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Education Across the World by Mind Map: Education Across the World

1. The U.S

1.1. School i required

1.2. If you don't go you will get a truancy letter

1.2.1. parents can get in trouble

1.2.2. a lot of times you can get sent to court

1.3. you cannot drop out until 16 yrs old

1.4. many people go to college

1.4.1. scholarships if you're adopted the government pays for your college you can get one sor sports get one for grades

2. poorer countries

2.1. kids who don't have the opportunity of school

2.1.1. in lots of places girls don't go to school school is just for the men of the community

2.1.2. school costs money lots cannot afford school parents need children at home or at a job working

2.2. are schools even available?

2.2.1. are there any charities to help pay for a school in poorer countries?

2.2.2. What about teachers