Under Armour

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Under Armour by Mind Map: Under Armour

1. Key Stakeholders

1.1. Social / Media

1.1.1. Jami Gobao, Associate Manager Social Media & Community Under Armour seems to be more marketing focused, however some community engagement, and also worth noting they have community channels i.e. Under Armour Women

1.1.2. Cal Swarbrick, Social Media Manager Under Armour; [email protected]; "I oversee the social media accounts for Football, Baseball, and Boxing."

1.1.3. Nicole Bohorad, Senior Manager, Social Media Enablement, Analytics & Personalization Under Armour; [email protected]; "Built and managed team moderation, publishing, listening and community engagement, including leveraging/onboarding tech tools/SaaS to scale, developing moderation guidelines and monitoring and updating channels"

1.1.4. Jessica Smith Social Media & Content at Under Armour; [email protected] more content focused, but very active in social and could be useful for a POD / more info about UA's social care

1.1.5. Christopher Pappas Social Media Coordinator, Customer Service Representative at Under Armour; [email protected];

1.1.6. Emily Griffin Social Media Customer Service Representative at Under Armour; [email protected]

1.2. Digital / Marketing

1.2.1. Britni Shields Associate Manager, Integrated Brand Communications at Under Armour; [email protected]; "We were getting scores of consumer questions, concerns, and comments on social media every day, and there was no one there to address them -- so we created the Social Media CSR role.   As the first-ever UA Social Media CSR, I monitored the brand's social media channels and responded accordingly to all incoming consumer questions." Was previously in social care where she helped launch the @AskTeamUA care handle, now more on the marketing / community side they have a social + customer service playbook; send her definitive guide

1.3. Customer / Experience

1.4. Contact Center

1.4.1. Baltimore Kate Kane Director of Customer Service at Under Armour; [email protected] Lynn Corkran Director of Ecommerce Operations/Contact Center at Under Armour; [email protected]

1.5. IT / Misc.

1.5.1. Liz Cayne Mullaney Manager, Legal, Brand Promotions and Social Media at Under Armour; [email protected]

1.6. C - Level

2. Contact Center

2.1. Social Media CSR located in Baltimore, MD

3. Social Care Overview: Twitter

3.1. @UnderArmour

3.1.1. Marketing focused; have Sprinklr but primary response tool is TweetDeck rn?

3.2. @AskTeamUA

3.2.1. Sprinklr