myths original stories

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myths original stories by Mind Map: myths original stories

1. loch ness monster

1.1. how did people think there was a creature in there?

1.2. did they think it was a ancient creature?

1.3. how long has it been around?

2. bigfoot

2.1. how tall was he when the story was first told about him?

2.2. how big do they make his footprints out to be?

2.3. has it ever hurt any one else?

3. cerberus

3.1. how did it get 3 heads?

3.2. does it attack humans?

3.3. has it ever killed?

4. giants

4.1. how tall were giants in the original stories?

4.2. where would the giants live?

4.3. were all giants mean?

5. cyclops

5.1. how did they only get one eye?

5.2. where do they come from?

5.3. how long have these stories been around?

6. mermaid

6.1. how did they get to breathe under water?

6.2. how did they get the fish tail?

6.3. how long ago was this created?

7. werewolf

7.1. how did the moon make you turn?

7.2. can you turn with out a full moon?

7.3. are they always wanting to kill?