Josh - 2011 New Years Resolutions

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Josh - 2011 New Years Resolutions by Mind Map: Josh - 2011 New Years Resolutions

1. Read More

1.1. Read 1 Fiction Book Every 3 Months

1.2. Read 1 Non-Fiction Book Every 2 Months

2. Be in the best shape of my life by 2012

2.1. Sleep 7 Hours / Night

2.2. Daily Workout Routine

2.3. Weekly Workout Routine

2.4. Stick with the slow carb workout

2.4.1. Until I meet my goal. Then read mor of 4HB and change it up.

2.5. Take Progress Photos of myself

2.6. Keep a food photo journal

2.7. Measure my Bodyfat Analysis Monthly

2.8. Public Goal Setting & Results

2.9. 12000 Steps / Day

2.10. Lose 60lbs by 4/1/2011

3. Make 5K/Month as Side Income by September

4. Spend more quality time with my boys

4.1. 1 Hour of Daddy / Ethan Time per Week

4.2. 1 Hour of Daddy / Kalvin Time per Week

5. Value Experiences Over Material Things

5.1. Travel with friends & family

5.2. More lunches / dinners with friends

5.3. Actively seek out opportunities to have experiences with other people.

6. Begin my shift towards self actualization

6.1. Be independent of the good opinion of other people.

6.2. I am detached from the outcome of my decisions, my actions are determined instead because of who I am.

6.3. I have no investment in power over others. Let other's be who they want to be