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Josh - 2011 New Years Resolutions by Mind Map: Josh - 2011 New Years
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Josh - 2011 New Years Resolutions

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Read 1 Fiction Book Every 3 Months

Read 1 Non-Fiction Book Every 2 Months

Be in the best shape of my life by 2012

Sleep 7 Hours / Night

Daily Workout Routine

Weekly Workout Routine

Stick with the slow carb workout

Until I meet my goal. Then read mor of 4HB and change it up.

Take Progress Photos of myself

Keep a food photo journal

Measure my Bodyfat Analysis Monthly

Public Goal Setting & Results

12000 Steps / Day

Lose 60lbs by 4/1/2011

Make 5K/Month as Side Income by September

Spend more quality time with my boys

1 Hour of Daddy / Ethan Time per Week

1 Hour of Daddy / Kalvin Time per Week

Value Experiences Over Material Things

I'd like to spend this year with less focus on material things and more of a focus on experience based memories & connections.

Travel with friends & family

More lunches / dinners with friends

Actively seek out opportunities to have experiences with other people.

Begin my shift towards self actualization

Be independent of the good opinion of other people.

I am detached from the outcome of my decisions, my actions are determined instead because of who I am.

I have no investment in power over others. Let other's be who they want to be