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Anxiety by Mind Map: Anxiety

1. stress

1.1. how much does stress and anxiety fall hand and hand ?

2. confidence

2.1. Can having better confidence improve it?

2.1.1. believe in your self

2.1.2. peoples opinions don't matter

2.2. how could you improve it?

2.2.1. self love self worth relationships

2.2.2. friends

3. causes

3.1. What causes anxiety?

3.2. Is it a inherited mental problem?

4. brain activities

4.1. is there a chemical imbalance that causes anxiety?

5. effects

5.1. stress?

5.2. suicide

5.2.1. how many teens have anxiety and are suicidal?

6. how to avoid

6.1. positive self talk

6.2. meds

7. music

7.1. what does music do to the bran chemically to help anxiety?

8. body or brain

8.1. does it put more of a tole on your body or brain?

8.2. can it cause physical pain?