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Traveling by Mind Map: Traveling

1. international

1.1. why are some people scared to travel out of their country?

1.2. how many Americans have been out of the country?

2. culture

2.1. how does culture affect your daily life?

2.2. different cultures in different areas

3. foods

3.1. why does other countries have different foods?

3.2. what makes these foods unique?

4. experiences

4.1. why don't some people like to travel and try new things?

4.2. why do people with different personalities experience situations differently?

4.3. how can someone spend their whole lives in one place?

5. locally

5.1. some people haven't even traveled in their own states/areas.

6. exploration

6.1. why can't we explore more of space?

6.2. why don't we explore more of our oceans?

7. transportation

7.1. how are underground subways considered safe?

7.2. why are people afraid of planes?

7.2.1. planes are safer than cars

8. landmarks

8.1. how do people preserve national landmarks?