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football by Mind Map: football

1. orgin

1.1. where did it come form

1.2. who invented it

1.3. did it come form another sport

1.4. how old is football

2. first ideas

2.1. what was the equipment like

2.1.1. evolution of equipment

2.2. the ball

2.2.1. whats it made out of

2.2.2. what was it made out of

2.2.3. did it always look the same

2.3. the field

2.3.1. was the field always 120 yards long

2.3.2. was it always lined

2.4. did the rules change

3. the best

3.1. who were the best

3.2. can you compare the old guys vs the new guys

3.3. does the change of style dictate who the best players really are

4. danger

4.1. concusion

4.1.1. how many are you allowed

4.2. deaths

4.2.1. how deaths due to football

4.3. off the field

4.3.1. how many deaths off the field because of football

5. teams

5.1. how many teams have switched cities

5.1.1. why did they switch

5.1.2. how many switched then came back

5.2. leagl issues

5.2.1. biggest consequences

5.2.2. doping who

5.3. super bowls

5.3.1. who has the most

5.3.2. who doesnt have any