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Cosmetics by Mind Map: Cosmetics

1. Animal Testing

1.1. MAC tests on animals in some countries

1.2. Some countries make it MANDATORY for companies to animal test makeup in order for the product to be sold in that country.

1.2.1. What all countries make it mandatory to animal test?

1.2.2. Why is it mandatory in those countries? are these communist countries?

1.3. More cosmetics companies don't animal test than those that don't

1.4. Is there an alternative to animal testing?

1.4.1. is it expensive and that's why companies choose to test on animals instead?

1.5. How did animal testing even start?

2. Men doing makeup

2.1. Negative opinions on men in the makeup industry

2.1.1. Why does everyone think "makeup" is solely a "woman" thing?

2.1.2. Too Faced Cosmetic's co-founder and CEO is a man, named Jeremy Johnson

2.1.3. a "gay" label on men that are in the cosmetics industry

3. Medias opinion on makeup

3.1. "women who wear makeup do it for attention or to impress a guy"

3.2. SPFX Makeup

3.3. Does seeing makeup in the media make women want to wear it?

3.4. Why is the woman who gets up everyday and does her hair and makeup "insecure" or "trying to hard"?

3.5. In most news reports on events like the Grammys or the Oscars, reporters will report on of course the attire but also all of the makeup

3.6. Why do some makeup artists not get credit for their work?

4. Organic vs. NonOrganic

4.1. Made from organic products with no history of allergic reaction - organic

4.2. made with some man made chemicals to keep the product lasting - nonorganic

4.3. Why do we still use some ingredients inked to illnesses in some products? How is that legal?