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Cannabis by Mind Map: Cannabis

1. medical

1.1. expenceive

1.1.1. insurance may nit cover it always

1.2. tests to prove it helps

1.2.1. money put into clinical trials to test the effects and side effects of it

1.3. availability to children that need it

1.3.1. parents may be hesitant about giving their children it and looking like bad people but if doctors do parents may feel safer about it.

1.4. not alot of thc in it

1.4.1. kids arnt "getting high"

2. stativa

2.1. tends to be uplifting

2.2. helps you focus

2.3. helps treat depression, add, and mood disorders

3. indica

3.1. relaxing

3.2. full body effect

3.3. relieves anxiety, insomnia, pain, and muscle spasm

4. oil

4.1. can be admited to stop and prevent seizures

4.2. low thc count

4.2.1. kids arnt getting high off of it and other people that are using it for medical purposes

5. smoking

5.1. lung cancer

6. digesting

6.1. edibals

6.2. effects arnt as quick

6.2.1. no instant relief

6.3. may not be results

6.3.1. because youre eatting with it it may not have an effect and digesting it means you have to have alot of it and in the end you spend more money