Meats vs. Veggies

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Meats vs. Veggies by Mind Map: Meats vs. Veggies

1. Meats

1.1. Proteins

1.1.1. 1 Cup chicken = 38g of protein

1.1.2. 3 oz. pork = 23g of protein

1.1.3. More protein means better growth of muscle and bones etc.

1.2. Vitamins

1.2.1. Only thing to naturally produce Vitamin B12

1.2.2. Great natural source of Creatine

1.2.3. Magnesium which is needed for nerve and muscle function.

1.3. Health Benefits of Eating Meat

1.3.1. Contains all essential amino acids

1.3.2. Very rich in Zinc which helps wound healing

1.3.3. Helps keep stable blood sugar

2. Veggies

2.1. Vitamins

2.1.1. Have a bunch of essential and even non essential vitamins

2.1.2. Broccoli contains 2.6 grams of dietary fiber

2.1.3. Carrots contain 13286 IU of vitamin A

2.2. Protein

2.2.1. Half a cup of broccoli contains 1.86 cups of broccoli

2.3. Health Benefits of Eating Veggies

2.3.1. Naturally low in fat an calories

2.3.2. important source of potassium and dietary fiber

2.3.3. May help maintain good blood pressure