Animals left abandoned or homeless

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Animals left abandoned or homeless by Mind Map: Animals left abandoned or homeless

1. What can we do to lessen or limit the number of animals sent into the pound?

2. more people step up and take animals in

3. what  is the whole process of sending stray animal to a pound?

4. what is the federal law about taking in animals?

4.1. what are the restrictions?

4.2. what can and cannot happen?

5. what corporate company started this?

5.1. does this have any competors?

6. what happens to an animal once it has been there for so long?

6.1. do they just die or are they just sent away?

7. who gives the clearance to rid of animals?

7.1. what is this process?

7.2. how do we stop this?

7.3. who to go to?

8. what is the number one resource to help take down the pound corporation?