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Music by Mind Map: Music

1. emotions

1.1. music is a way of expressing ones thoughts and feelings.

1.2. opens peoples minds to other peoples ideas and beliefs

1.3. makes people feel good and in a better mood

2. way of coping

2.1. someone is in a bad situation, they might write music or listen to music to escape

3. physical effects of the brain

3.1. making music takes talent

3.2. happy and sad music effect the way we see neutral face expressions.

3.2.1. After hearing a short piece of music, studies show people chose the feeling matching the type of music they just heard (sad or happy)

3.3. it can improve creativity

3.3.1. moderate noise levels gets the creative juices flowing in the brain

3.3.2. higher/ louder noise levels impairs creative thinking because the brain is overwhelmed

3.4. can improve visual attention

3.4.1. stroke patience in one study shows visual improvement while listening to classical music

4. physical effects of the body

4.1. changes heartbeat, blood pressure pulse rate

4.1.1. the heart rate responds to different musical variables like tempo, frequency and volume

4.2. regulates stress hormones

4.2.1. Anesthesiologists state that the level of stress hormones decrease while listening to relaxing music

4.3. can boost immune function

4.3.1. the body works in harmony and a study in Michigan shows listening to music for only 15 minutes can increase the proteins that make the body fight off infectious diseases.