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college by Mind Map: college

1. expensive

1.1. How expensive is college?

1.2. How do you get out of college debt?

1.3. Do you have to pay for a college tutor?

1.4. How expensive are the books you have to buy?

2. hard

2.1. How hard is college?

2.2. Do most people need a tutor?

3. job

3.1. Do most college students have jobs?

3.2. how hard is it to pass college if you have a full time job and have to support a family?

4. age

4.1. What is the average age of college students?

4.2. How many college students are adults with families?

5. after college

5.1. what percent of college graduates get a job in the field they studied?

5.2. How long does it take to pay off college debt?

5.3. How much more money do college graduates make vs people that don't go to college?