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Animals by Mind Map: Animals

1. Precautions

1.1. How you should treat your pet?

1.2. How can you protect your pet from getting during the winter?

1.3. How can you protect your pet during the summer time?

2. Environment

2.1. In what kind of place should you pet live?

2.2. How can  the climate changes can affect animals?

2.3. Is it good to let your pet live inside your home? or it should be outside?

2.4. What kind of pets can you have if you live in a small place or house?

2.5. Is it a good idea to have a wild animal living at home with you?

2.6. What kind of pets can you get if you have little kids at home?

2.7. Can have a pet at home be dangerous if you have small kids?

3. Animal abuse

3.1. why do scientists do unnecessary experiments or demonstrations on animals?

3.2. Is the law against to animal abuse?

3.3. How can you protect an animal that is being abused somehow?

3.4. Who can you call if you're seen an animal being abuse?

4. treatments

4.1. How can you give your pet a propper alimentation?

4.2. how much food do your pet have to eat to be healthy?

4.3. what kind of food can they eat?

4.4. What kind of vaccines do you have to give your pet to prevent him/her from getting an aid or from getting sick?

4.5. Where can he/her get his vaccines?

4.6. How propperly you should treat your pet when is sick?

4.7. How often your pet have to go to the veterinarian?