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How to Be Successful by Mind Map: How to Be Successful

1. Planning for Success

1.1. 2. Planning for Success

1.1.1. Find the purpose or goal of your life

1.2. 3. Planning for Success

1.2.1. Define the meaning of success as you see it

1.3. 4. Planning for Success

1.3.1. Selectively lower your confidence

1.4. 5. Planning for Success

1.4.1. Set a timeline for when you want to achieve your objective

1.5. 6 .Planning for Success

1.6. 7. Planning for Success

1.6.1. Be curious about life

1.7. 8. Planning for Success

1.7.1. Identify the skills you need to sharpen and the skills you can outsource. Outsourcing is all about time-management.

2. Methods

2.1. Method 1

2.1.1. Run your goals without losing control of your main target ( success ) body serves no problems , sometimes worth the risk . divide your goals into small steps , nothing lightly.

2.2. Method 2

2.2.1. Stay away from distractions is sometimes the best option. Distractions are good until certain limit , depending on your perspective .

2.3. Method 3

2.3.1. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to be better , so you'll feel as if you alientaran toward that goal.

2.4. Method 4

2.4.1. Success depends not only on yourself . a success is constructed with agrupacion , trust and mutual collaboration . trust in others and gives confidence to reach your goal.

2.5. Method 5

2.5.1. Locate an someone with much more experience than you is good profit ; you can learn things you did not know by him, this could be as a mentor.

2.6. Method 6

2.6.1. This attentive , listen , question, cuestiónate and research . collect too much information is more than a profit.

2.7. Method 7

2.7.1. Hating numbers or mathematics is not the point ; The numbers say a lot and THROUGH these questions and issues are clarified. do not be afraid of the numbers on them can also be the key to your I am.

2.8. Method 8

2.8.1. Takes risks but are calculated . Many successful people think big and act big. Do not wait for opportunities to fall into your lap. When you risk ask where you 're going with that risk.

2.9. Method 9

2.9.1. Never stop questioning you if you have found the target , self- questioning occasionally is more than a profit.

2.10. Method 10

2.10.1. Use the technology a certain limit .

3. Other Methods

3.1. Method 1

3.1.1. It is relevant . Remember, the problem is not the problem but your attitude to the problem. do not let failure define you, because what defines who you are when you take momentum and corrigues your mistakes .

3.2. Method 2

3.2.1. Life is unfair and sometimes things do not go well for us. but do not worry life but not as we wish still beautiful .

3.3. Method 3

3.3.1. Remember that success does not guarantee happiness . Success is concerned to achieve a goal, but not always assume that the result will be happiness. Many people make the mistake that if they achieve anything , they'll be happier. Fulfillment and satisfaction have much more to do with the approach to life than what you do in life. Keep it in mind.

3.4. Method 4

3.4.1. Things made ​​with fear never go wrong. Remove the fear and doubt of your thoughts. Concentrate on maintaining a passive attitude in every situation. You will be surprised how effective it can be when your thoughts are guiding their actions, and not otherwise. If you fail , do not be afraid to start again ; be happy that you have been given the opportunity to be even more successful.