Is a soup kitchen really helpful?

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Is a soup kitchen really helpful? by Mind Map: Is a soup kitchen really helpful?

1. It teaches people that they don't have to work for food.

1.1. If you're being fed without working, then what is the point of working

1.2. Government already gives money to the people that are unemployed

2. It can be taken advantage of fairly easily.

2.1. Greedy people will take the free food even though they have money.

2.1.1. You get food and get to keep your money

2.2. Nothing can be done to stop people from scamming

2.2.1. Not ran by the government

2.2.2. The point of a soup kitchen is to feed people

3. The food they serve is unhealthy.

3.1. They give people moldy bread.

3.2. A lot of the stuff is stale.

3.3. The food is sometimes under cooked.

3.3.1. This can lead to diseases