Kohl's Smoke Test Checklist

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Kohl's Smoke Test Checklist by Mind Map: Kohl's Smoke Test Checklist

1. Publish

1.1. Browser and Device Support

1.1.1. Full Test Windows IE 11, Windows 8.1 IE 11, Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.8 or 10.9 Chrome (latest) Firefox (latest) iOS 9 iPhone 5 or 6 or 6+ iPad retina screen Android 5 Chrome on a phone

1.1.2. Smoke Test Bluebird Device IE 11 Windows XP Browser for Android 4.4 phone Browser for Nexus 7 tablet Android 4.2

1.2. Login

1.3. Search

1.3.1. articles searchable by: page title headline page description tags each article image (or placeholder icon) tag title for lowest level tag for HRIS location (if it exists) description (if available) publish date only published articles appear in results filter for articles

1.3.2. profiles searchable by: name title department each profile profile images get pulled in; else first letter display name + last name khrole - department store name, city, state email (if available) phone (if available) alphabetize results by last name profiles appear once profiles with contact info appear before others no 000-000-0000 phone numbers display filter by business unit or department

1.3.3. files searchable by: title (or name if there isn't one) description tags each item title (or name if there isn't one) tags, lowest level displays for HRIS location or business unit description size icon only published files appear in results filter by files

1.3.4. paginate

1.3.5. tags show more/fewer tags if there are more than ten zero tags: remove Tags label

1.4. Homepage

1.4.1. navigation large viewport anchor links take you to the right part of the page scrolling changes color and updates section scroll up and down small viewport click and drag to access earlier sections tapping on other section changes color and updates header

1.4.2. View All CTAs at top & bottom of section

1.4.3. What's New two recent articles one of these tags display image two recent events tagged Genre > Event articles display if there aren't events khlocation tag matches user By component hides if no articles or events content is not tagged at a lower level in the HRIS Business Unit than Store, Corporate, Credit

1.4.4. My Store KDash component KPlanner component appears instead of My Department or Workplace for store users

1.4.5. My Department appears for corporate users with published & tagged department page row 1: most recent article one of these tags HRIS business unit matches row is hidden if no articles match these criteria image (if it exists)

1.4.6. My Workplace appears for corporate users with published & tagged corporate location page

1.4.7. #LifeAtKohls pulls in posts from Twitter and Instagram load more to max of 24 each post gets pulled in once

1.5. Performance Testing

1.6. investigate overlay interaction between menu, search, and toolbar

1.6.1. search filter overlay in small viewport

1.6.2. open/collapse toolbar and menu

1.6.3. open/collapse sections of toolbar, menu, search filters

1.7. Toolbar

1.7.1. My Profile upload profile image

1.7.2. Recent Activity 10 most recent discussion posts or comments from groups you're in

1.7.3. Bookmarks save delete one from the publish side

1.7.4. My Applications save delete one from the author side

1.7.5. Calendar Sign in Authorize See events Accepted Declined

1.7.6. Email login same as calendar See most recent 5 emails

1.7.7. My Groups See All Groups each group thumbnail name

1.8. Applications page

1.8.1. save

1.8.2. Delete

1.9. Meganav

1.9.1. News & Events

1.9.2. Community

1.9.3. My Store

1.9.4. Human Resources

1.9.5. About Kohl's

1.10. Profile

1.10.1. view

1.10.2. edit

1.11. Article

1.11.1. hero

1.11.2. body text

1.11.3. body image

1.11.4. video

1.11.5. pullquote

1.11.6. CTA

1.11.7. breadcrumbs

1.11.8. datestamp

1.11.9. summary

1.11.10. view next

1.11.11. Q&A

1.11.12. document table

1.12. Event

1.12.1. add to calendar

1.12.2. date

1.12.3. time

1.12.4. location

1.12.5. view next

1.13. Department

1.13.1. overview

1.13.2. sub-pages

1.13.3. breadcrumbs

1.13.4. tabbed container

1.13.5. 2-column featured article

1.13.6. 3-column featured article

1.14. Store

1.14.1. breadcrumbs

1.14.2. tabbed container

1.14.3. sub-pages

1.15. Community

1.15.1. comment

1.15.2. delete

1.15.3. flag

1.15.4. discussion groups

1.15.5. forums

2. Author

2.1. Browser and Device Support

2.1.1. Chrome (latest) Mac OS X 10.8 or 10.9

2.2. Created manually

2.2.1. Articles body text body text image summary video pull quote CTA

2.2.2. Applications Image Link Delete app Remove app (toolbar)

2.2.3. Publishing workflow notifications

2.3. Created automatically

2.3.1. Profiles data sync permissions AEM Intranet Author AEM Intranet Admin AEM Intranet Super Admin header basic info image

2.3.2. Renditions For New Assets

3. Key

3.1. Priority 1

3.2. Priority 2

3.3. Priority 3

3.4. interactions between multiple features require special attention

3.5. Please use check box/progress indicator to mark how much has been done

3.6. People

3.6.1. Paulo

3.6.2. Diana

3.6.3. Lucho

3.6.4. Kate

3.6.5. Elizabeth

3.6.6. Caro Machado