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IAF Emena 2016 Conference at a glance by Mind Map: IAF Emena 2016 Conference at a glance
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IAF Emena 2016 Conference at a glance

A moment of transformation Welcome to the IAF EMENA conference 2016 in the Netherlands, October 7-9. You may see this a moment of transformation for mankind. In the course of human history major shifts have happened before, they will no doubt happen again. And you may see one happening now. You may also see the part which facilitation can play in this transformation. In the hands of practitioners who bring presence, facilitation has power. Real power – the power to hold and invite a transformation which enables people, organisations and communities to thrive. You may see yourself as a bystander, an observer as we are surrounded by change and transformation. Or you feel an urge to jump in and be part of it, to find a way of participating whilst also practicing facilitative leadership. You may feel the challenges you and those around you face are just too overwhelming.  Yet it is liberating and empowering to begin - from wherever we are in the world, in our facilitation practice, in our lives.

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Mind Mapping by CreaMatics | Hans Terhurne & Koen van Leijsen



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opening @ LEF Future Center

opening & keynote

Experiencing LEF Future Center

Facilitation Impact Award ceremony

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Points of You

see you again in October 2017 @Paris!