About Edward Tanner

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About Edward Tanner by Mind Map: About Edward Tanner

1. Work

1.1. Northwestern University

1.2. Chief of Gynecologic Oncology

1.3. Specialize in surgery and chemotherapy for women's cancers (ovary, uterus, cervix)

2. At home

2.1. Married to Kristi, a professional belly dancer

2.2. One dog, Zoey, who is 4 pounds and will crawl into any bag placed on the ground

2.3. Struggle every day to not order nachos from UberEats (too delicious, too easy)

3. Places I've lived

3.1. Huntsville, AL

3.2. Baltimore, MD

3.3. New York, NY

3.4. Chicago, IL

4. Hobbies

4.1. Traveling

4.2. Hiking

4.3. Exploring my new home (Chicago)