Creative Classroom

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Creative Classroom by Mind Map: Creative Classroom

1. Domain #1

1.1. Planning and Preparation

1.1.1. Know content area

1.1.2. Plan instructional outcomes

1.1.3. What are my available resources?

1.1.4. Design the instruction

1.1.5. Assess Student Learning

2. Ken Robinson TEDtalk

2.1. Get to know your students as individuals.

2.1.1. know their likes and dislikes, and talents.

2.1.2. Understand the diversity of students and what challenges they are facing.

2.1.3. See the potential of your students not who they are in the moment.

2.1.4. Create a whole person using all your resources including the arts.

3. Teacher Work Sample

3.1. Design deliver and assess instruction

3.1.1. Contextual information and Learning Environment What are my community and district environmental factors? What are the school and classroom environmental factors? What are some important characteristics of the students in my classroom?

3.1.2. TWS Goals and learning outcomes List the content area and grade levels What is my desired results of my lesson? What is the relevance of my lesson to their daily lives? What standards am I using Common Core Standards? State Standards?

3.1.3. Instructional Design and Implementation/Demonstration of Integration Skills What instructional strategies are being used? What technology is being used? What adaptations need to made for students? How is this material being integrated across subjects? (Ex: math, english, history, science) What factors inhibit or help students learn this material outside of class?

3.1.4. Description of Current Classroom Learning Environment and Planned Classroom Management and Motivation During Implementation of TWS Am I communicating in an effective positive way? What is my body language? What is my verbal language? and tone of voice? What behavioral and classroom management skills will I use to keep my classroom orderly and engaged? What environmental factors are effecting my classroom? Use techniques to motivate choices of assignments connection to real life situations

3.1.5. Analysis of Assessment Procedures and Impact on Student Learning Before Instruction Begins: Do a Pre-assessment Plan Pre-assessment Plan Post-assessment Plan formative assessment Plan summative assessment During Instruction: Formative Assessments and necessary lesson adjustments After Instruction: Administer Post-Assessment and record results. Create a Gain Scores Table

3.1.6. Reflection and Self-Evaluation reflect on the success of the activity use evidence to show how instruction had an impact on students discuss what you could do differently to improve How did you communicate with classroom teacher and students? How did this lesson fit with the vision, mission, strategic plan and goals of the school? What learning and professional goals emerged from teaching this lesson?

3.2. Evaluation of Teacher

3.2.1. Did the teacher plan and deliver an effective lesson?

3.2.2. Did the teacher employ meaningful classroom assessments?

3.2.3. Did the teacher make an impact on the class P-12

3.2.4. Did the teacher analyze and reflect on the experience and decide how he/she can improve? and take notes on what worked well?

4. Metacognitive

4.1. Students should be actively involved in their own learning experience

4.2. Students should internalize thought processes necessary for effectively making decisions and judgments developed with peers.