Differences G. M, D. M

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Differences G. M, D. M by Mind Map: Differences G. M, D. M

1. Grammar Method

1.1. Native Language Is Spoken

1.2. Translation Is Allowed

1.3. Grammar Section Is Centered

1.4. Main Goal: Reading Literature

2. Direct Method

2.1. Native Language is not allowed

2.2. Translation is not allowed

2.3. Grammar is inductive

2.4. Skills to develop: "Speaking"

2.5. Main Goal:  "Comunication"

3. Similarities

3.1. Both, Grammar Translation Method and Direct Method, are exploiting the skill of reading, it means that the reading is verbal process which has a relation with other language skills: listening, speaking, and writing. Reading is the process of reconstructing information from the autor to the reader. These methods also talk about grammar rules and vocabulary in the target language.