Differences G. M, D. M

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Differences G. M, D. M by Mind Map: Differences G. M, D. M

1. Grammar Method

1.1. Native Language Is Spoken

1.2. Translation Is Allowed

1.3. Grammar Section Is Centered

1.4. Main Goal: Reading Literature

2. Similarities

2.1. Both, Grammar Translation Method and Direct Method, are exploiting the skill of reading, it means that the reading is verbal process which has a relation with other language skills: listening, speaking, and writing. Reading is the process of reconstructing information from the autor to the reader. These methods also talk about grammar rules and vocabulary in the target language.

3. Direct Method

3.1. Native Language is not allowed

3.2. Translation is not allowed

3.3. Grammar is inductive

3.4. Skills to develop: "Speaking"

3.5. Main Goal:  "Comunication"