Mexican Trust (Fideicomiso)

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Mexican Trust (Fideicomiso) by Mind Map: Mexican Trust (Fideicomiso)

1. Consist of three parties

1.1. Trustor

1.1.1. Individual or entity Transfer the title or management of assets to the trustee

1.2. Trustee

1.2.1. Hold assets in trust and responsibility of complying goals of the trust

1.3. Beneficiary

1.3.1. Not allways appears on these contracts

1.3.2. Stands to benefits from assets and trust

2. Creation

2.1. It must be writting

2.2. Most fallow formalities required

2.2.1. Under the rules of the GLCIO

3. Duration

3.1. Trust cannot exceed 50 years

3.2. Some trusts can be extended

4. It is a commercial contract

4.1. Governed by the General Law of Credit Instruments and Operations

4.2. Has mandatory provisions

4.2.1. So they are not aloud to change

5. Technical Committee

5.1. It is a governing body

5.1.1. Supervise and assist The accomplishment of the trust

6. Land trust in Mexico

6.1. Aloud foreignersto acquire land

6.1.1. At restricted zone 100 km from borders 50 km from coastline

7. Administrative trusts

7.1. These revolve around the

7.1.1. administration and management

7.1.2. Certain assets

7.2. Provide

7.2.1. Payment

7.2.2. Distribution

8. Investment trusts

8.1. Generally used by

8.1.1. Banking

8.1.2. Financial Markets Industry

8.2. Investment tool