Consequences of Genetically Engineering Human Embryos

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Consequences of Genetically Engineering Human Embryos by Mind Map: Consequences of Genetically Engineering Human Embryos

1. Split human race into two "species"

2. Military applications

2.1. Super Soldiers

2.2. One country takes over the world

3. Entertainment

3.1. 8 feet basketball players

3.2. More gory sports

3.3. Super athletes

3.3.1. Olympics for normal people and olympics for advanced people.

4. Legal Implications

4.1. New Doctorines

4.1.1. Divide Nations from whom support GM humans and those that don't

4.2. Gov control's everything?

5. Medical

5.1. "Designer Babies"

5.1.1. Corporate manipulations of gestation Rushed R&D

5.1.2. Less Diversity More easy for pandemics

5.1.3. Defective Upgrades

5.2. Curing Genetic Disease

5.2.1. Increased human health Higher life expectancy and quality Overpopulation

5.3. Regenerative Medicine

5.4. "Equal Opportunity

5.5. Cheaper healthcare because more people would not be sick

5.6. More complex diseases emerge that we don't understand

5.7. Jobs in healthcare field would be decreasing

6. Social

6.1. Less Ambitious

6.2. Impact relationships

6.3. interactions

6.3.1. Anti-GM movement

6.3.2. Round up either all the non engineered humans or all the engineered humans

6.4. Affect idea of "What Is Beautiful?"

7. Unknown Consequences

7.1. More Intelligent People

7.1.1. More solutions to human problems

7.1.2. Potentially more evil/disastrous plans The Great Filter Theory

8. Exploration

8.1. Modify humans to survive in space

8.2. Modify humans to survive deep underwater

8.3. Able to explore the human body in research

8.4. Explore caves

9. Financial

9.1. Depending on price, many could not afford this

9.1.1. Social DIscrimination Rich vs. Poor Civil War Distrust/Anger

9.2. Lose Jobs

10. Dehumanization

11. Where do we all live?