keep calm and carry on

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keep calm and carry on by Mind Map: keep calm and carry on

1. research

1.1. links

1.1.1. 2nd world war posters

2. Alternative ideas for referendum slogans

2.1. play your part

2.1.1. emothional/rational argument

2.2. use the vote

2.2.1. explain what a referendum is/what's it about

2.3. nothing to worry about

2.3.1. simple instructions on how to vote

2.4. your union relies on you

2.4.1. explain/sell the need for students to participate

2.5. Your Union Needs Your Vote

3. tone of voice

3.1. stiff upper lip

3.2. duty calls

3.3. civil service speak

4. other ways to convert imagery

4.1. include busu ball in crown

5. why use this styling

5.1. humorous

5.1.1. tongue of cheek

5.1.2. stand out from other communications

5.2. may cut through apathy and engage people enough to get a serious message across

5.3. it's associating a strong cultural phenomena - people may tie the memory of the two and it may last long enough for people to look favourably on the referendum (hallo effect)

5.4. it's work trying as there was a low turn out - voting is not popular esp without people to vote for/campaigners

5.5. people may talk about it more

6. underlying info/structure

6.1. good example to follow (structure)

6.1.1. Southampton Union (SUSU)

7. Feedback

7.1. sabbs (Dave Howells/Ann Howell)

7.1.1. slogan not right (no one is panicking)

7.1.2. subvert the crown if possible (include busu ball)

7.2. Ian Robinson

7.2.1. needs to be a clear distinction between offical notice of referendum and imagery publidcising the campaign. fine with poster/plasma ideas. Suggested alternative slogan (combining elements of messages) DO NOT USE CROWN & REFERENDUM TOGETHER

7.2.2. include union logo discreetly in footer of publuicity (so people are not entirely confused - i.e. it is an official communication even if it is a bit of spoof of another poster)