Melbourne Metro Rail Project

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Melbourne Metro Rail Project by Mind Map: Melbourne Metro Rail Project

1. Pros - (Melbourne Metro Rail Authority)

1.1. Increase reliability

1.1.1. improve access

1.1.2. 5 new city stations

1.2. Increase capacity

1.2.1. allow for future expansion

1.3. Increase efficiency

1.3.1. reduce congestion 20,000 more passengers -18,000 cars on road reduce overcrowding tram lines

1.4. Construction

1.4.1. employ 3,500 workers

1.4.2. minimise properties required contacted owners not acquired until early 2017

1.4.3. reduce disruption CBD North & South stations constructed underground

2. Cons - (R. Eggerton, strategist & consultant)

2.1. doesn't address:

2.1.1. Signalling

2.1.2. power supply

2.1.3. run-down stations

2.1.4. delays at junctions

2.2. will only redirect lines across city

2.2.1. currently - have to travel to city to go in other direction inefficient congested commuters all in city

2.3. v. expensive!

2.4. need to:

2.4.1. grow transport hubs outside of CBD For e.g. London Paris Hong Kong

2.4.2. upgrade outdated systems unable to operate on hot days

2.4.3. look beyond city loop