Well Managed Classroom

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Well Managed Classroom by Mind Map: Well Managed Classroom

1. Characteristics

1.1. High students level

1.2. Clear students expectations

1.3. Relatively little wasted time, confussion or disruption

1.4. Work oriented but relaxed and pleasant time

2. Effective teachers prepare

2.1. Floor space

2.2. Work area

2.3. Student´s area

2.4. Wall space

2.5. Bookcases

2.6. Teacher area

2.7. teaching material

2.8. Oneself

3. Seating arrangements in order to accomplish classroom tasks

3.1. First day registration and procedures

3.2. cooperative learning

3.3. listening to a lecture

3.4. sitting to hear a story

3.5. class discussion and interaction

3.6. small-group activities

3.7. taking a test

3.8. individual research or desk work

4. Effective teachers have an effective roll

4.1. That conduces to the student´s success

4.2. Tecaher is focused on results

4.3. Teacher is constantly looking for student´s progress

5. In which exists discipline with plan

5.1. Procedures that conduce toi learning

5.1.1. Explain

5.1.2. Rehearse

5.1.3. Reinforce

6. Effective communication and success are always present