Direct and Grammar Translation Methods

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Direct and Grammar Translation Methods by Mind Map: Direct and Grammar Translation Methods

1. Contrast(Difference)

1.1. G.T.M.The evaluation is written test in wich students are asked to translate from their native language

1.2. G.T.M.Grammar and vocabulary are areas of language emphasized,reading and writing are the primary skills that the students works on

1.3. G.T.M. The meaning of the target language is made clear by translation it into the student native language

1.4. G.M.T.Literature language is considered superior spoke language

1.5. G.T.M.Most of the interaction in the classroom is from the teacher to the students

1.6. G.T.M.Students are taught to traslate from one language to another

1.7. G.T.M.The roles are very traditional the teacher is authority in the classroom.

1.8. G.T.M.The primary skill to the develop are writting and reading.

1.9. G.T.M.There are activiry such as spanish translation, give antonyms and memorize vocabulary.

1.10. G.T.M.If the students don´t understand meaning of some words the teacher traslate

1.11. G.T.M.This method was used for the purpose of helping students read and appreciate foreign language to communicate

1.12. The Grammar Translation(G.T.M.)

1.13. Direct method (D.M)

1.14. D.M.This method is how to used a foreign language to communicate

1.15. D.M.If the students don´t understand meaning of some words the teacher draws in the blackboard and give example

1.16. D.M.There are activity such as fill the blank,practice pronunciation, write paragraph and discuss.

1.17. D.M.Language primary is speech.

1.18. D.M.The role is passive student and teacher are more like partners in the teaching and learning process

1.19. D.M.Teacher who used the direct method believe students need to associate meanning in the target laguage directly

1.20. D.M.The iniation of the interaction goes both ways.

1.21. D.M.Language primarily is spoken not written

1.22. D.M.The students native language should not be used in the classroom

1.23. D.M.Vocabulary is emphasized over grammar

1.24. D.M.The evaluation actually is not a formal evaluation it is just observed by the teacher

2. Compare(similitude)

2.1. G.T.M.Each students is called on to read a few lines from the passage

2.2. G.T.M.It has been used by languages teachers for many years

2.3. G.T.M.The gammar translation method is not new

2.4. The Grammar Translation(G.T.M.)

2.5. Direct method (D.M)

2.6. D.M.Have been applied by languages teachers for many years

2.7. D.M..The direct method no is new

2.8. D.M.The students are called one by one to read a sentences from the  reading passage at the beginning of the lesson