Two methods to teach English in the classroom.

use the grammar of their native language

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Two methods to teach English in the classroom. by Mind Map: Two methods to teach English in the classroom.

1. Reading and writing but in different ways

2. Similarities, between the grammar translation method and The direct method.

2.1. Develop student`s mind

2.2. There are no principles of the method about the students dealt.

2.3. The reading skill is important practice at the beginning.

2.4. The students write and answer the questions

2.5. Both methods the students study culture.

2.6. Vocabulary and grammar are emphasized.

2.7. The students learn grammar rule during the class,but in different ways.

3. The grammar Translation method.

3.1. The  grammar of their native language.

3.2. Help speak and write their native language better.

3.3. translate from one language to another.

3.4. Use of the grammar ruler

3.5. Vocabulary is taught in the form of list.

3.6. Memorization words

3.7. The teacher is the authority in the class.

3.8. Grammar deductive

3.9. Skill to develop: Reading,and Writing.

3.10. Pronunciation is little

4. The Direct  Method.

4.1. Native language is not allowed.

4.2. Translation is not allowed

4.3. Language is spoken, not written.

4.4. Vocabulary is taught through demonstrate, object,and picture.

4.5. Practice pronunciation

4.6. The language is demonstrate.

4.7. Use dictation

4.8. Skills to develop: reading,writing,speaking, and listening.

4.9. Grammar is inductively

4.10. Students learn to think in another language.

4.11. Students are very actives

4.12. The teacher and students are more partners

4.13. Conversation practice.

5. Difference between two methods.