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Facebook by Mind Map: Facebook

1. How Facebook is different from other social media?

1.1. individuals can react to the photo

1.2. Largest social media platform

1.3. Varieties of social group

1.4. Large number of users

1.5. tool to advertise your products

1.6. User friendly

1.7. Facebook is popular almost every country. *other site might only be popular in one or another country only.

1.8. A lot of functions to access

1.9. can choose who to connect with

1.10. it compiles a lot of functions such as sharing text, sharing photos and videos and also articles and documents, page and group, not like Instagram or Twitter which only focus on certain function.

1.11. Facebook been evolving and upgrading to make sure its user get use to it with time.

2. How can marketers leverage Facebook to promote their brands?

2.1. Sponsored page

2.2. boost page

2.3. Create page or groups to showcase their company

2.4. A wider outreach platform for consumers

2.5. likes and shares

2.6. A very easy and instant platform to use

2.7. can help you to reach all of the people who matter most to your business

2.8. Able to connect to your customers easily

2.9. Can have ratings and comments to improve their brands

2.10. Attracts consumers easily

2.11. Can easily upload files, photos, videos or any document to introduce your brand

2.12. Facebook helps you analyse and interpret the data of your page insights