What can Twitter do for a brand, person/ user?

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What can Twitter do for a brand, person/ user? by Mind Map: What can Twitter do for a brand, person/ user?

1. Receive feedback about their company/product

1.1. Publish polls for customer satisfaction

2. Post updates for customers

3. Answer FAQs from customers

3.1. clears doubts of customers

4. Allow customers to know about the latest deals and promotions

4.1. Advertise the company products

4.1.1. clickbaits

5. Spreading information using hashtags and trends

5.1. uses threads to keep track with information from consumers and users

6. Connect people

6.1. the "@" on Twitter enables one to have conversations and more than 1 can join in on the conversation

6.2. Average people are able to direct messages to celebrities

7. Become twitter famous

7.1. Controversial tweets

7.2. funny, punny tweets

8. It's easy for users/people to read others tweets about certain topics by clicking the hashtag

9. Participate in dialogues

9.1. Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets, Jimmy Fallon's Hashtags

10. Self expression

10.1. Share self made poems

11. Showcase hidden talents

12. Update others on personal statuses

12.1. Reduces one's loneliness

12.1.1. Humans get lonely sometimes, and we have the tendency to want people to know what we're knowing to feel "involved" with society

12.2. self promotion

13. Receive breaking news instantly

13.1. http://www.isentia.com/blog/3-news-stories-that-appeared-on-twitter-before-mainstream-media

14. Self published entertainment

15. Identifying the competitors weakness

15.1. you can go through comments about competitor's and work to avoid having the same issues.

16. Witnessing feud between celebrities

16.1. Calvin Harris & T Swift drama

17. break the internet

17.1. Ellen's Oscar photo

17.2. Kim K's nude photo

18. live tweeting while watching a show/ movie

19. Gain exposure