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Facebook by Mind Map: Facebook

1. Q2. How can marketers leverage Facebook to promote their brands?

1.1. They can promote their page as ads that show up on users' feed

1.2. friends are able to invite their mutual friends to like their page

1.3. Users share one million links every 20 minutes

1.4. 1.5 billion monthly active users

1.5. Marketers can invite users to an event via FB to promote their brand

1.6. strong fanbase : company create groups to allow the public to talk about their brands.

1.7. Using the amount of likes as promotional tools

1.8. Using the shop feature, brands can sell their products on their FB page

2. Q1. How Facebook is different from other social media?

2.1. No words limitation on posting status

2.2. able to create groups within your friends

2.3. Able to send voice note through messenger

2.4. Allows users to inform their friends and family about their safety during a tragedy

2.5. Allows video/voice calls

2.6. Can create event and invite friends and family online

2.7. Users can switch between "top news" and "new recent" posts

2.8. Video profile icon

2.9. users are able to have live stream vids/chats with their friends

2.10. Allows you to choose the top 5 photos you want to be shown on your profile

2.11. Family tree

2.12. Can react to others' posts

2.13. Able to edit the privacy options

2.14. Reminder on friends birthday and important events