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j by Mind Map: j

1. Ideas for PAS

1.1. speeddating

1.2. play with ideas of perfection

1.2.1. opposites

1.2.2. turn it upside down

1.3. devide the audience in perfect/imperfect & guess what is what

1.4. folded paper drawings, everybody in the audience contributing to the idea of the perfect human

1.5. different groups design interventions to perfection

1.6. talent show audition setting, ridicule the "perfect"

1.6.1. buzzers to put people in the "safe zone"??

1.6.2. stereotype characters, costumes with a certain "skill" skill can be anything, from something you can do to something you are

1.6.3. role of the audience judges with little chalkboards for grades "audience" that boos and cheers for us making a top 10 from most perfect to most imperfect

1.6.4. "What makes you perfect" everybody has to answer in a short amount of time

1.6.5. use real beauty/perfection standards from other cultures, tribes, etc. (nomadic tribe, dancing ritual to show whiteness of their teeth) difficult to ridicule, maybe even offensive

2. Message to get across

2.1. audience needs to be amazed, to start thinking, having new ideas about the subject, etc.

3. gggggg

3.1. Budget: 200 euros

3.2. 40 people audience per time slot

3.3. 30 minutes per time slot

3.4. 3 time slots in total

3.5. Location: Meeting room V at the theatre academy

4. Python

4.1. get the audience to think

4.2. interact with the audience

5. Brainstorm individual

5.1. whats perfect? engage the audience through a "classroom" survey

5.2. body measurements

5.2.1. Vitruvius, golden ratio

5.3. a maze, at every junction make a decision

5.4. perfection development over time

5.5. try to fit everybody in the hole in the chimney, if they fit in they're perfect

5.6. test to check if they're perfect.

5.7. use the building across the street to make the space bigger

6. Ideas for PAS part 2

6.1. hospital idea

6.1.1. audience goes to the doctor to get "perfect"

6.1.2. afterwards they receive a note from the doctor with advice,  there's nothing on it

6.2. different areas, every culture in his own area, switching up the characters

6.2.1. bit confusing?

6.2.2. audience has the possibility to view everything as long as they want to

6.2.3. decorating every room, much work?

6.3. Breaking the image of predictions

6.3.1. Showing the audience that perfection is everywhere and not a goal to strive for

6.3.2. Showing the audience how perfection changes over time and therefor there is no such thing