The Road to the Revolution

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The Road to the Revolution by Mind Map: The Road to the Revolution

1. 8. Proclamation of 1763 Cause: The British leaders and government control feared more fights would take place if the colonists kept taking land. Effect: It banned parts of British movement past the Appalachian and settlers were kicked out of the Ohio River Valley.

2. 9. Intolerable Acts (Coercive Acts) Cause: Closed Boston ports until the money was restored from the tea party. Effect: Town meetings were forbidden without a government consent and a new Quartering act formed.

3. 10.Sons of Liberty 1766 Cause: It helped to create and increase the English Colonial power. Effect: They participated in the Boston Tea Party, which led to the Intolerable Acts, which then led to the Revolutionary War.

4. 11.Boston Massacre Cause: Citizens were harassing the soldiers and attacked and destroyed property in thought of protest. Effect: It led to rebellion, confusion for the government, and sparked the American Revolution.

5. 12. Quartering Act 1765 Cause: The people paid for food and housing for the British army. Effect: Many fights broke out and the Governor was suspended because he was not against the act.

6. 13. Daughters of Liberty 1769 Cause: Helped with the boycotting of the British goods. Effect: Lead to the Townshend Acts.

7. 14.Boston Tea Party 1770 Cause: Britain was trying to collected the taxes although the colonists refused. Effect: The sons of liberty showed their anger by dumping the tea in the harbor.

8. 1.The Declaration of Independence caused the Revolutionary War but made independence lawful.

9. 2. The Second Continental Congress caused the government to settle down the colonists and create a more fair ruling strategy. This increased the amount of troops,appointed,negotiated treaties,and decided on military and political strategy.

10. 3. The First Continental Congress this caused some delegates from the colonies to meet to discuss the  imposed laws by the British government on the colonies in response to their resistance to new taxes. They went against the British leading to more feud.

11. 6. Stamp Act 1765 Cause: To raise money and pay for the debt from the French and Indian WAr Effect: Lead to the boycotting of British goods

12. 7. Sugar Act 1764 Cause: To help get money to pay for the French and Indian war. Effect: The colonists began to smuggle goods and they were angry.

13. 4.The French and Indian War: The colonists were moving to the West, the fight over who has the Ohio Valley area, and the Native Americans and French were upset about the colonists moving on their land. Then the war costed a lot of money leading to future debt for the British, British gained control of the Ohio River Valley and other French land, and Native Americans lost a lot of land.

14. 5. Townshend Acts Cause: A law made to increase taxes on paper, lead, paper, paints and tea to help support the British. Effect: This lead to the Boston Tea Party and Massacre and also numerous protests.