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Primary FOBISIA by Mind Map: Primary FOBISIA

1. Group 4 (Training)

2. Group 3 (Curriculum and FOBISIA)

3. Group 1 (Selection/Non Selected)

4. Group 2 (Time Line)

5. How transparent is your selection process to both students and parents?

5.1. DCS

5.2. elc

5.2.1. Parents and students are informed of the selection process.

5.3. SHB

5.3.1. Students are aware they are scored by ability, but they are also very aware that attitude and effort are crucial to be considered. They know to look at the display to see what the requirements are. They  know that when chosen they need to sign a 'Commitment to Training Pledge' as part of the letter of acceptance. Initial letter in Sept gives parents an indication of how we are selecting and what opportunities there are to improve during Term 1.

5.4. BIS H

5.5. BSJ

5.5.1. Not as much as it should be

5.6. BIS H

5.6.1. Information evening before selection process and the trials are explained to students and parents.

5.7. BISB

5.8. BSG

5.8.1. It's not and I don't think it should be. Parents don't understand the intricacies to consider. That said it certainly does need to be better communicated.

5.9. JIS

6. What does your annual timeline for  FOBISIA look like? What do you do at which time of the year.

6.1. elc

6.1.1. November  - Primary

6.2. SHB


6.3. BISB

6.4. BSJ

6.4.1. See answers to question 1.

6.5. BIS H

6.5.1. Can sign up for FOBISIA Extra Curricular activity after school. Students have fixtures in all 4 sports.

6.6. DCS

6.7. JIS

6.8. BSG

6.8.1. For the 1st time this year, during Term 1 we have Tee Ball, Sports Day and Swimming Gala as the weather is good. Football events takes place all year. The Primary sport set up in GZ is very poor. We are just getting it going.

7. What does your selection process involve?

7.1. DSC

7.2. SHB -

7.2.1. Football 'Try Outs' occur throughout the whole pre-season, plus Inter-house Football. There is an Internal Swim Meet for Swimming selection. Athletics results are acquired in lessons, plus Sports Day. We select the squad plus 4 reserves. 'Development Squad' trains separately for those students who wish to improve for next year. Reserves train with squad until event.

7.3. BSJ

7.3.1. Selection of squad (approx 10) end of term 1. Training in Term 2. Selection of team end of Term 2.

7.4. BISB

7.5. BSG

7.5.1. We set Year 5 + 6 and this helps. We have FOBISIA sorts in Term 1, to see them all. Largely done from a combination of the 2. My opinion is that we should be selecting whilst our students are taking part in sport locally.

7.6. BIS H

7.6.1. Sign up session and trials for all 4 sports

7.7. elc

7.7.1. Selection try outs

7.8. JIS

8. When do you select?

8.1. DSC

8.2. SHB

8.2.1. January - February Half Term, except Football coaches have already identified most able Football players to me prior to Christmas.

8.3. BSJ

8.3.1. End of Term 2 (before Easter) x2 weeks.

8.4. BISB

8.4.1. Before end of term 1

8.5. BSG

8.5.1. As close to January as possible.

8.6. BIS H

8.6.1. January

8.7. elc

8.7.1. November

8.8. JIS

9. Do all four sports have equal waiting?

9.1. DCS

9.2. JIS

9.2.1. Games players are prioritized who can transfer abilities to swimming and athletics

9.3. SHB

9.3.1. Yes, plus fitness for the 1st time 2016/17

9.4. BISB

9.4.1. Football, teeball, and athletics are prioritised. (no pool)

9.5. BIS H

9.5.1. Swimming and Athletics takes precedence as football, tee ball are seen

9.6. elc

9.6.1. No, football, Tee-ball, swimming, and athletics take precedence.

9.7. JIS

9.8. BSG

9.8.1. No. Depends on our strengths and weaknesses within that cohort. We might only have 3 good swimmers per year group and say we are going to lose the Swimming - but do well in Swimming for example.

10. Do you have "try outs" for each of the four sports?

10.1. DCS

10.2. BIS H

10.2.1. Swimming and athletics yes as other sports are seen

10.3. SHB

10.3.1. Yes and now we are beginning to add fitness testing into the mix as an extra.

10.4. BISB

10.5. BSJ

10.5.1. Yes

10.6. BIS H

10.6.1. Yes

10.7. JIS

10.8. elc

10.8.1. Yes

10.9. BSG

10.9.1. Students have the ability and opportunity to play all 4 sports prior to selection. Some don't do this as they just want to trial. It's a philosophy I am trying to get away from.

11. Do you use curriculum lessons as part of your selection process to collect data?

11.1. DCS

11.2. BSJ

11.2.1. Not really.

11.3. SHB

11.3.1. First time 2016/17. Top set boys and girls follow a FOBISIA style curriculum. Top sets contain FOBISIA students and other able students. Letter is sent out in September. If a child shows interest, but we know they won't get selected they won't be moved into the top groups, however they will be encouraged to participate in the try outs for experience and then join the 'Development Squad' if they wish.

11.4. BIS H

11.4.1. Only to identify any able students who did not sign up for the try outs.

11.5. BISB


11.6. elc

11.6.1. Yes

11.7. JIS

11.8. BSG

11.8.1. Yes, it's the only time we can always guarantee to see them altogether.  That said they won't all want to go so sometimes it can be quite a nuisance.

12. Do you use a numerical point score?

12.1. DCS

12.2. JIS

12.3. SHB

12.3.1. Point score highest - lowest for all sports. Attitude and effort are discussed between all coaches. Students know that without the right attitude they won't be chosen. We put a display in the PE corridor, stating the main skills which are assessed in each sport.

12.4. BISB

12.4.1. No

12.5. BIS H

12.5.1. Yes

12.6. BSJ

12.6.1. Yes

12.7. elc

12.7.1. Yes

12.8. BSG

12.8.1. No

13. How do you let the students know who has been selected? Is it a child friendly method?

13.1. DCS

13.2. elc

13.2.1. Letter

13.3. SHB

13.3.1. FOBISIA Students meeting P6. Parents are welcomed to this. Praise given to all who showed interest. Development Squad explained further. Letters given out with parents. They have a choice  to open them immediately or at home. Parents who don't turn up get theirs sent in the post, so students have to wait before they know - minimizing tears! (support network) Students and parents who didn't get in are encouraged to have a meeting with me to discus which areas need development. no comparisons between students are made.

13.4. BIS H

13.4.1. Students are told after the trials and parents are informed via a letter.

13.5. BISB

13.5.1. Initial meeting, letter and follow up meeting for selected pupils.

13.6. BSJ

13.6.1. Meeting and letter.

13.7. JIS

13.8. BSG

13.8.1. Last year by putting their names up on a board. I don't like this for Primary, but no one complained surprisingly.

14. Do students know what criteria is considered to be part of the team?

14.1. DCS

14.2. SHB

14.2.1. Explanation during Term 1 PE lessons, plus a wall display detailing selection, plus a letter home in Sept.

14.3. BISH

14.3.1. Soemtimes

14.4. BSJ

14.4.1. I think so

14.5. BISB

14.6. elc

14.6.1. Yes

14.7. JIS

14.8. BSG

15. What does your training schedule look like - number of hours/days/rest days/times in the day (AM/PM)

15.1. DCS

15.2. BISH

15.2.1. 3 afternoons per week

15.3. SHB

15.3.1. 4 1 hr sessions per week (4 sports) Feb - June

15.4. BSJ

15.4.1. We train 1 day per week for each of the sports throughout the year. Teel Ball Tern 1 and so on. Not all kids will sign up though.

15.5. elc

15.5.1. 2 days per week

15.6. JIS

16. Athletics - When do you select events? Is Athletics training split so that Field and Track are on at different times?

16.1. DCS

16.2. SHB

16.2.1. Results taken during Jan. Results of an Internal Athletics meet during training determines selection.

16.3. BISH

16.3.1. 3 weeks before

16.4. BSJ

16.4.1. 5 weeks before

16.5. BSG

16.6. elc

16.6.1. 1 Month prior to event.

16.7. BISB

16.8. BSG

16.8.1. Easter

17. Are there all year round opportunities for students to improve in each of the four sports?

17.1. DCS

17.2. GIS

17.3. SHB

17.3.1. Football, Swimming and Running are now offered all year round. Football and running this is fairly recent and progress is being noted. Tee Ball is offered Nov - June. In BKK we are lucky to have a BISAC league, for all of the FOBISIA sports, so this helps us to be prepared naturally. We have just acquired a 'Strength and Conditioning Running Coach' who is aiming to individualize training programs for Athletes this year. 1st time too we are encouraging an outside field events coach to work with students on set afternoons/weekends.

17.4. BIS H

17.4.1. Yes

17.5. BSJ

17.5.1. Yes, sport for all across the 4 sports continues all year.

17.6. BSG

17.6.1. More or less. Not always Athletics and Swimming can be affected by the weather.

17.7. elc

17.7.1. Yes

18. Is FOBISIA only an enriching event, or are there any negative aspects involved in this and how do you try to limit them?

18.1. DCS

18.2. SHB

18.2.1. The competitive nature of A1 sometimes encourages negative parental behavior/occasionally seen from competitors. We get both students and parents to sign a code of conduct. I talk students and parents through this sensitive topic during the last meeting.

18.3. BIS H

18.4. BSJ

18.5. BSG

18.5.1. Trials (negative philosophy) Frustrating that as teachers, your professional judgment is questioned in terms of the selection process by parents.

19. Do you consider you provide for FOBISIA and Non FOBISIA students in equal terms in your school?

19.1. DCS

19.2. SHB

19.2.1. BISAC sports happen throughout the year, so non FOBISIA students participate all year round. Due to the fact we are a large school we offer a wide breath of opportunities for all. Teams are expanding year on year (space is an issue) e.g A/B/C teams U11 boys footy. I wish I could offer more for the weaker Games players (Feb - June), but at this point FOBISIA takes over.

19.3. BISH

19.3.1. Yes

19.4. BSJ

19.4.1. There are not many opportunities outside of FOBISIA sports.

19.5. BISV

19.6. BSG

19.6.1. Not yet, we don't have much sport going on. We don't cut people and will still allow anyone to take part in that ASA club. A development games would be great for us.

19.7. elc

19.7.1. Yes

20. Swimming - when do you select events?

20.1. DCS

20.2. SHB

20.2.1. Officially May, but weak swimmers are informed before so that they have time to develop. Our Swim coaches give them specific strokes to focus on.

20.3. BISH

20.3.1. 3 weeks before

20.4. BSJ

20.4.1. 5 weeks before

20.5. BSG

20.5.1. Around Easter. Might be earlier this year as we have changed our Sports Day. We will have a rough idea from February half Term. Depends on the cohort - if they can all do IM then its later. If only 1 can do an IM then its pretty simple.

20.6. elc

20.6.1. 1 Month prior to event

20.7. BISB

20.8. BSG

20.8.1. Easter

21. What opportunities are there for the students who would want some sporting competition, but don't make the team? 'Sport For All!"

21.1. DCS

21.2. SHB

21.2.1. We have a 'Development Squad " set up. It runs 1 or 2 sessions per week (depending on spacing) and rotates around the 3 PE Sports. Students can arrange their Swim sessions independently of this program. There are opportunities to swim every day at SHB.

21.3. BISH

21.3.1. Opportunities are offered.

21.4. BSJ

21.4.1. There are not competitive opportunities

21.5. BSG

21.5.1. Not really. There are Basketball, Badminton and Table tennis starting this year., but the main sports will always be Football and Swimming.

21.6. elc

21.6.1. Opportunities are offered

22. Do you set your curriculum up to primarily suit FOBISIA?

22.1. DCS

22.2. GIS

22.3. SHB

22.3.1. This year is the 1st Year that Top Set Girls and Boys are following a primarily FOBISIA based curriculum. We figure this will benefit recording of data and so on to make my job easier. The Year 5 + 6 Curriculum comprises FOBISIA Sports, plus Basketball (for BISAC) and then they have an option choice for the last module from really alternative sports like (Trampolining, Orienteering, Yoga etc.)

22.4. BIS H

22.4.1. No

22.5. BSJ

22.5.1. We did, but not anymore.

22.6. BISV

22.7. BSG

22.7.1. We set the curriculum to the local calendar.

22.8. elc

22.8.1. Yes

23. When do you hold meetings with parents ?

23.1. SHB. We hold 2. Firstly in Feb (immediately after the 1/2 term break when the selection process has been done) this is mainly so we can put a deadline on students accepting the invite, plus to select a 'Parent Rep' who corresponds between our parents and hosting school. 2nd meeting is to go through last minute arrangements and so far and to answer q's regarding the logistics of the event.

23.2. BIS H

23.2.1. One before the try outs and one just before the event.

23.3. DCS

23.4. BSJ

23.4.1. Term 1 and then before the trip.

23.5. JIS

23.6. BISB

23.7. BSG

23.7.1. We don't. We have a meeting after they have been selected to explain our trip.

23.8. elc

23.8.1. We don't have meetings.

24. Who are your coaches? PE staff or Primary Teachers?

24.1. DCS

24.2. BISH

24.3. SHB

24.3.1. Traditionally it was all Primary staff (and me overseeing it), however as we are now back in the A1 group this year the PE team will run teams to see if we can progress.

24.4. DSC

24.5. elc

24.6. BISB

24.7. JIS

25. FOBISIA should develop a students knowledge and Understanding of many concepts in sport. Do you help develop these outside of practical sessions?

25.1. DCS

25.2. BIS H

25.3. SHB

25.3.1. We hold bi-weekly lunchtime workshops which the PE Team leads (same ideas as 'Team SHB'. Topics include; Nutrition, Rules, Techniques, Being a Team Player, The Code of Conduct and so on.

25.4. BIS H

25.4.1. Yes

25.5. BSJ

25.5.1. No

25.6. BSG

25.6.1. We do through lessons and games etc., but maybe not in other walks of life.

25.7. elc

25.7.1. Yes, but minimal