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1. Computers and Language Teaching

1.1. Applications to language teaching evolves as computers evolves

1.2. Teachers are afraid of teaching with computers

1.2.1. Websites

1.2.2. WIKIs

1.2.3. Language Teaching methodology

1.2.4. Journals

1.2.5. ¿how to motivate and instruct teachers to integrate computers and ICT into their classes.?

1.3. Institutions and Piublishers try to work of the  evolution of distance and online education

2. “New technology is common, new thinking is rare.

3. W3

3.1. Conection of all computers linked to the internet

3.2. hold documents that are mutually accessible through the use of a standard protocol (the HyperText Transfer Protocol, or HTTP)

3.3. Creator

3.3.1. Tim  Berners - Lee <<Es la materialización del conocimiento humano>> Director of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

4. E-Learning or Online Learning

4.1. Both for formal and non-formal Educations

4.2. Uses an information Network

4.2.1. Internet Web-based learning (using a browser)

4.2.2. LAN ( Intranet)

4.2.3. WAN ( Extranet)

4.3. wholly or in part, for course delivery, interaction, evaluation and/or facilitation.

5. Electronic Mail

5.1. E-mail  is  the  use  of  computer  systems  to transfer  messages  between   private  mailboxes

5.2. It takes  up  only  a  relatively  small  domain of Internet ‘space’,but exceeds the Web in terms of the number of daily individual transactions made

6. web 2.0

7. ICTS ( Information and Communication Technologies)

7.1. Computers

7.2. Internet

7.3. Radio and TV (broascasting tech)

7.4. Telephony

7.5. CALL Computer Assisted Language Learning

7.6. They are usefull to create English Context

7.7. Multimedia and Animation Effects

7.7.1. Create the sense of reality

7.7.2. BBC channel. Learn about the western culture

7.8. computer-mediated communication (CMC)

8. Blended Learning

8.1. Traditional Class

8.2. Online Mentoring Sessions

8.3. Class email list or whatsapp group

8.4. arrive at the optimal mix

8.5. Courseware: software that is designed to teach people something:

9. Open and Distance Learning

10. Learner-center environment

10.1. Based on constructivism

10.1.1. dividuals “construct” meaning based on prior knowledge and experience.

10.1.2. Experience enables individuals to build mental models or schemas, which in turn provide meaning and organization to subsequent experience.

11. Uses

11.1. Testing

11.2. Distance education

11.3. Teaching Business English

11.4. Spoken English

11.5. Reading

11.6. Listenning or Interpreting