Y2U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

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Y2U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas by Mind Map: Y2U1 Inquiry Cycle Ideas

1. Finding Out

1.1. Activity: Science investigation about what drinks affect our teeth

1.2. Group Work: Choosing healthy options that keep our teeth healthy

1.3. Independent: lifestyle choices which harm our teeth

1.4. Researching on iPads ways food and drinks which are healthy for us and unhealthy.

1.4.1. Research which herbs are beneficial to our health

1.5. Find out which fruit helps different parts of the body. See how the fruit looks and relate it to the body.

2. Sorting Out

2.1. Sorting healthy and unhealthy food

2.2. Sorting ways in which we can be healthy/unhealthy

2.3. creating a healthy and unhealthy lunch box.

2.4. whole class creation of a venn diagram to sort out what the healthy and unhealthy food cards.

3. Taking Action

3.1. Working with the cafeteria on a healthy balanced menu termly.

3.2. Making being healthy a habit and ensuring lunch boxes are always nutritious and exercise is done daily.

3.3. Toothbrushing poster

3.4. Make a healthy smoothie.

4. Making Conclusions

4.1. Creating a poster/presentation to describe how to have a healthy lifestyle.

4.2. How do the choices we make effect our health?

4.2.1. Choosing to make the write choices and showing evidence of this. Linking the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle together and making connections between them i.e. mind, body, sole etc

4.3. Decide upon which fruit is healthy ready to make a healthy smoothie.

5. Going Further

5.1. Cooking three examples of healthy food and one example of unhealthy.  Students will be able to create healthy meals and to distinguish between what is healthy and what is not

5.2. Creating their own exercise routines incorporating ways in which to be healthy.

5.3. A toothbrushing diary

5.4. Collate healthy herbs and create their own medicine. Explain what their medicine will help.

6. Tuning In

6.1. What does healthy mean?

6.2. What does lifestyle mean

6.3. How could we have a healthy lifestyle?

6.4. Activity: Making a healthy and unhealthy plate and sticking food or pictures that are healthy

6.5. put out unhealthy food wrappers, take away wrappers and sweet wrappers and ask the students why Ms Lama is so upset?  Why is she upset (  they should realise that most is unhealthy food selections)