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Meteor (Application Framework) by Mind Map: Meteor (Application Framework)
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Meteor (Application Framework)

Why "Meteor"? I was watching the Sopranos and someone made a comment about a Meteor killing the dinosaurs.  Not knowing off-hand exactly what the premier theory is, I assumed this was incorrect, but what most people believe, which makes it perfect for a marketing term! The idea is that Meteor anyalates the dinosaurs to make room for the reign of man, or sophisticated applications that aren't currently thriving.  Some discussion and research seems to shed light on an Asteroid being the real culprit, but that's too close to the name of a well-known video game.  A comet is believed to have catalyzed all life on earth, which sounds cool, but I don't think the metaphor fits.  Dinosaurs.  Dead.  Yay. :) This application will be under the Affero GPL v2 or later, to whatever extent possible.

My Geistesblitzes

Cross-Language Extensibility

Extensibility by language

Agnostic Superclass

Huguinin discussed the implementation of IronPython's base DLR type, which maps python-style getters and setters to the DLR's IDynamicObject message-passing interface.  He talks about a generic version of this which could be used by implementors of simpler languages with no modification, or as a clearer starting point than IronPython's. I'd describe this idea as an agnostic superclass, an implementation which is oriented at consumers in many languages.  It should be possible to make this non-limiting, but for any functionality which is primarily used via a fancy language feature, there should be a simple method call equivalent.

Host Environments

Core language(s)


no eggs

Python Eggs have EVEN MORE metadata and boilerplate files than .NET Assemblies, and less than either is required for things like skin packages, minor customizations, etc..  People customizing one file shouldn't have the responsibility of a full product author. Eggs should work, somehow, but for the short-term I'm thinking of a simple tool to flatten a set of eggs into a packaged lib/python.  This is the easiest way to test against any alternate python implementation, as zipimport and distutils are problematic outside of cPython.


It must be possible to undo updates if they cause problems.  Capistrano, the RoR deployment system, deals with this, but buildout is horrible at it.


Conceptual Design


Content is the result of what you do, and you're asked only to input information which is unavailable, or which you may want to change.  Phase Process probably as new adapter.  Google it.

Object Publishing

Bobo, the simple object publisher, is the central idea behind Zope which makes it super awesome, thanks to Jim Fulton.  Most of the rest is gristle - no disrespect. ;) Also, we called my grandpa bobo, and he taught me how to program, so Meteor will probably have something called, like, SuperBoboSharpNG2.



Want close ties to Cocoa, et. al, WinForms, maybe some Java crap - no disrespect.




User Profiles should be richer than facebook for CMS/CRM