Social Selling Cadence By Carlos M

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Social Selling Cadence By Carlos M by Mind Map: Social Selling Cadence By Carlos M

1. Step 4 Start with LinkedIn

1.1. Follow, Like, Share & Commenton their work

1.1.1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is worth every penny

1.2. Inmail 1

1.3. Inmail 2

1.4. Cold Email 1

1.5. Phone Call

1.6. Cold Email 2

1.7. Video Message Via Email

1.8. Nudge via LinkedIn

1.9. Inmail about Video

1.10. Phone Call

1.11. Email with some news

1.12. Break Up

1.12.1. choose email

1.12.2. phone call

1.12.3. Inmail

2. Step 1

2.1. Map out List 500 U.K Largest Ecomm Players in the U.K

2.1.1. Excel Sheet Narrow Down com Fashion Brands with In-House Studios * In order to find them out we were searching for companies with professional photographers and photo editors within Upload XLS Data to Pipedrive On Pipedrive Select 10 initial companies to start relationship with

3. Step 2

3.1. Start process With Sales Navigator

3.1.1. Find & Save Prospects On Sales Navigator Large Brands ( 10.000 +) Ex: Debenham's Ecomm Director Digital Content & Editorial Manager Digital Production Manager Art Director Online Image Manager Photographic Manager Director of Creative Medium Size Brands ( 200-1000) Ex: Matches Global Head of Studio Production Creative Production Manager Senior Online Production Coordinator Studio Manager Photostudios Ex: Spring Studios Style Director Retouching Manager Experience Shows its VERY Challenging to connect with em Studio Manager

4. Step 3

4.1. Twitter

4.1.1. LinkedIn

4.2. Facebook

4.2.1. Does the prospect has an open facebook account?

4.3. Instagram

4.3.1. Prospect is on instagram ? Yes Like their stuff ** Just professional stuff not be too spooky No