Wedding Elegance Made Simple

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Wedding Elegance Made Simple by Mind Map: Wedding Elegance Made Simple

1. Home

1.1. The home page will give a brief overview of the company as well as making it interesting enough to make the visitor want to explore the website more

1.2. The home page should be eye catching and very well organized so that each page is easily accessible, and the website itself is easy to navigate

1.2.1. Edited Photo: this is where I will put my edited photo of my cousin in her wedding dress. I will create dark edges around the corners to really capture her as the center piece of the photo. It will also really emphasize her white dress with the black and white contrast.

2. Wedding Venues

2.1. The wedding venues page will give many options of wedding venues throughout Arizona

2.1.1. Social Media project- pinterest board, instagram, facebook, twitter, and email to help customers/visitors keep up to date with our venue ideas

2.2. There will be various different wedding venues in different locations within AZ

3. Color Schemes

3.1. There will be a page dedicated to the correct colors that are appropriate for each month

3.2. This page should help the visitors gain knowledge on all the options they have for different color schemes that look good together

3.2.1. Infographic: this is where I will put my infographic giving information on how to pick the best color scheme for your wedding.

3.3. This page should also be very useful for the website visitor, because we want to help make their decision as easy and painless as possible

4. About

4.1. The about page will give a brief description of the founders and talk more in detail about the company itself and what it's all about

4.1.1. that includes my QR code, my website URL at the bottom, and says "Tips for planning a simply elegant wedding" so that it is obvious my website is a wedding planner website.

5. Contact

5.1. The contact page will provide contact information for the website visitors in case they have any questions or concerns they want to address to the company

5.1.1. Google Form: I will create a google form that allows people to complete an application to receive the best personal wedding planner that fits their style.

5.1.2. Mobile App Prototype: I will create an app prototype with an icon that can be clicked and bring the viewer to the app prototype. The app prototype will be an almost exact replica of my website, but just used for a mobile device.

6. Helpful Tips

6.1. The Helpful Tips page will provide information on how to avoid becoming a Bride-Zilla. It is Semi-Humorous  but also provides very useful ideas and advice

6.1.1. Powtoon Video: I will create a powtoon video listing 5 tips to avoid becoming a bride-zilla. I will include photos, and useful tips from research I have gathered. It will also include animations, transitions, and other video editing.

6.1.2. Screencast: I will create a screencast showing how to navigate my website, It should be considered a helpful tip so I will include it on this page.