Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing by Mind Map: Digital Marketing

1. Digital marketing drives the creation of demand using power of the internet and satisfies this demand in new ways.

2. Bussines strategy goal: make money

3. Marketing Stategy

3.1. Four pillars

3.1.1. The environment Political Economic Social Technological Legal Environmental

3.1.2. The business Features and attributes Functional benefits Emotional benefits Brand/product persona Brand idea

3.1.3. The customers Customer journey

3.1.4. The competitors

3.2. 1. Building blocks

3.2.1. Porter's five forces analysis 1. Power of suppliers 2. Power of customers 3. Threat of new entrants 4. Threat of substitute products 5. Competetive rivalry within industry

3.2.2. The four Ps 1. Products and services 2. Price 3. Placement 4.Promotion 5. New: People

3.2.3. SWOT analysis Strenght Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

3.3. 2. Crafting marketing strategy

3.3.1. a. Context Examinate the context and stakeholders

3.3.2. b. Value exchange Examinate the value proposition

3.3.3. c. Objectives Objectives: SMART Tactics KPIs: Key performance indicators: pieces of data to determinate if the tactics are performing well and meeting the goals Targets: Specific values set for the KPIs within a specific time period.

3.3.4. d. Tactics and evaluation SEO Customer retention and acquisition Search advertising Sales, customer retention and acquisition Online advertising Branding and acquisition Affiliate marketing Sales and branding Video marketing Branding, customer retention and value creation Social media Branding, value creation and participation e-mail marketing Customer retention and value creation

3.3.5. e. Ongoing optimisation Constant change should be considered in the strategy formulation, allowing tactics and strategies be modified as you go.

4. Strategic process

4.1. Think

4.1.1. Research, plan and strategise

4.2. Create

4.2.1. Make Beautiful assets

4.3. Engage

4.3.1. Use channels to drive traffic to those assets and build relationship with customers

4.4. Optimise

4.4.1. Track and analyse how assets and campaigns are performing