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None of the above by Mind Map: None of the above
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None of the above

Reasons behind use of mindmaps

Reasons behind it



Offer Leadership instead of Government

Must be central to all our dealings. We need to step away from the current ways "Set the example we wish others to follow" - A. Caie 2010 (HAHA)

Short tearm goals

Get public support

How to do this: Create realistic compeditive political party


Choice between fear and love


Support anyones interests whatever they may be


Products of our enviornments

Utilisation of the scientific method


Creative solutions to NZ's Problems

Realistic/affordable/attainable within the monetary system

Creative beyond current Party Policies

best intentions for the enviornment and NZ population

if we do not have a policy thats groundbreaking we will keep with the status quo


Hello beautiful human beings, this here is a simple explanation of what our political party is about, why we are doing it in the first place and the basic strategy we are going to use.   If you agree with the direction we are heading feel free to watch Addendum to understand our values, and if you are still interested contact Sam on to become a contributer.   lets start moving forwards you are all beautiful human beings Sam McPherson  

Read ME 2nd

Andrew we need this document finalized as soon as possible, it will be uneditable by anyone except you and me, and shows a very basic overview of the way we will go about things. If someone wants to understand what we are about(potential contributers to our party), this document will outline our strategy and values to make sure we are all on the same wavelength. keep it simple please, and to the point. To anyone else reading this if you feel I have left anything out(I am open to constructive criticism) please email me and I will consider adding it in/removing it Good luck!! you are all beautiful human beings Sam

Create a cultural evolution