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Village by Mind Map: Village

1. Technology

1.1. Mobile

1.1.1. iOS - Swift

1.1.2. Android - Java

1.2. Server

1.2.1. Yii2

1.2.2. Questions For estimation backend server our analysts need to see how it had written for now. Could you please share the access for this ? Do you need to make methods for integration for other hotels ? Or it will be limited network of hotels?

2. 20) RM Controls: Time bound booking limit Min hour functionality Site Close out potential (calendar)

3. User account

3.1. Create account

3.1.1. Fields for account: 1. Name 2. Email 3. Password 4. Phone

3.2. Questions

3.2.1. Is Register/Login first step before booking “Meeting room” ?

3.2.2. Is it necessary Social networks for alternative register/login ?

3.3. My booking

3.3.1. See list of paid bookings

3.3.2. See paid booking

3.4. My Favorites Places

3.4.1. See Places

3.4.2. Delete Place

3.5. See account data

3.6. Change account data

4. Booking

4.1. Payment

4.1.1. By credit cart

4.1.2. By Credit in the system

4.1.3. Apple pay

4.1.4. Prepaid

4.1.5. Questions Should the system remember your bank card for the user ? “Ability to have 30 day credit” If we understand correctly it mean that 30 day is limited time for paying credit of user or it might be changed for some clients ? What consequences apply for those who are past due a loan ? Just block until full repayment of the loan ? “Account credit manageable by seller” - What do you exactly mean by this option ? a. Who will be seller for control some credit ? b. Does it mean that the seller should have access in admin panel to control this process ? “Ability to purchase prepaid hours” a. You mean prepaid for after selected date and selected hours for certain meeting room ? b. Please, explain who and when need to prepay. “Prepaid” is option in document, it means that user do upfront payment ? If yes, what is the percent and who will do percent ? Or, perhaps it’s full of payment ?

4.2. Extras

4.2.1. Questions What kind of “Extras” should be provided ? and What do you mean by “Extras” ? “Time bound purchasable extras” Is it right, that for Extra we should do different periods/time than for rent “meeting room” ?

4.3. Questions

4.3.1. Could meeting take 2-3 days, because some business-meetings take that time ?

4.3.2. “Alternative time slot option if not available” Same UI as Table app for restaurants, if we understand correctly it means to show available alternative time if your select is not available ?

4.3.3. Do you need to make functions “How to get there” and show on the Map, like in hoteltonight. It means to show using GPS how to get to the right place

4.3.4. How the price will be formed ? By Hour ?

4.3.5. Will the technical preparing include into the booking by hours, if not how it will be paid ? Because it’s necessary preparing for start meeting and to clean after that and it takes time.

4.3.6. Can one person book a several orders ? a. If I have business - To organise business meetings, and I need to book a few meeting rooms, even in different cities.

4.4. Select options for room

4.4.1. "Fields: 1. Location - by default it's location of user defined by GPS. 2. Dates - Options and values: today - set check-in date = today, check-out date = tomorrow. Default value, tomorrow - set check-in date = tomorrow, check-out date = the day after tomorrow, live calendar - the user selects dates from calendar 4. Start / Fininsh time selector 5. # of people - planned number of visitors. Default value is 4."

4.5. See information about meeting room

4.5.1. "The page shows information about: 1. Count of seats 2. 5 photo of room 3. price of 1 hour"

4.6. Select meeting room on map

4.6.1. "1. Then the user select options for rooms and click ""done"" 2. The server returns all meeting rooms with it's schedules on selected day 3. The app shows rooms on map For selected room the app need to show count of seats, fotos of room and price for selected time. If the user not select options, then the app shows all available rooms on today for all times (0.00 - 23.59) If the user select room with booked time, when app shows the next available time for booking"

4.7. Set promocode

4.8. Add to compare

4.9. Compare some meeting rooms

4.10. App room to My Favorites Places

4.11. Featured

4.11.1. See list of top meeting rooms by geolocation

5. Admin panel

5.1. Reports

5.1.1. “Basic enterprise reporting (CMS)" a. What kind of CMS ? b. What kind of reports we need to provide ?

5.2. Manage booking

5.3. Manage meeting rooms

5.4. Manage staff

5.5. Manage user

5.6. Manage article for marketing

6. Marketing

6.1. Questions

6.1.1. It means different marketing text for different hotels or it’s just simply description of the hotel ?

6.2. See article in the app

6.3. Promo notifications for users

6.4. Invite Friend / Referral program

7. Monthly membership

7.1. Questions

7.1.1. What is the benefits of membership ? Should the monthly payment be for the membership ?

7.1.2. Do you need reports by members?

7.2. Manage monthly memberships