Road to Revolution

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Road to Revolution by Mind Map: Road to Revolution

1. French and Indian War

1.1. Proclamation of 1763: Issued on October 9, 1763. Forbid settlers from going past the Appalachian Mountains

1.2. Sugar Act: Created April 5, 1764. This created taxes to help England recover from the French and Indian War

1.3. Stamp Act: Passed in March, 1765. Put on paper products. A tax stamp was put on the item to show it had been paid

1.4. Townshend Acts: Enacted in 1767. Put taxes on paint, glass, lead, oil, paper and tea. Thought to have made 40,000 pounds for the British

1.4.1. Sons of Liberty: Organization originated in 1766. It was formed to protect the rights of the colonists Boston Tea Party: In 1773 colonists disguised as American Indians destroyed an entire shipment of tea from the East India Company Intolerable Acts: A series of intolerable laws passed by Parliament in 1774 after the Boston Tea Party. These were meant to punish colonists for throwing tea into the harbor

1.4.2. Boston Massacre: The British army killed 5 male civilians and injured 6 others on March 5, 1770.

1.4.3. Daughters of Liberty: Created in 1765, consisted of women who boycotted goods to show their loyalty.

1.5. Quartering Acts: British soldiers were to be given food and shelter at the expense of the colonists