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Putu by Mind Map: Putu

1. Business and Trade

1.1. Putu will have been affected through trade as it is likely that he helped make crafts that are sold around the world using fair trade.( Eg. Mitra, Bali Fair Trade)

1.1.1. Thus meaning that they probably get more money financially from more economically developed places.

1.2. However there is less trade of TNCs (Trans National Corporations) therefore the culture isn't influenced much.

2. Communication Networks

2.1. This is likely to not directly influence Putu as internet is likely to be limited, however as there is a website and images for Mitra Bali Fair trade it shows there is access to this and evidence of people travelling to Ubud to take the photos, therefore Putu's culture might be influenced by this.

3. Transport Networks

3.1. Ubud is located right by a river so it's probably perfect for shipping the crafts to other countries and islands. Which can help the business and quality of life there.

3.2. There is only one airport with one runway on Bali meaning travel can be very hectic as there is not enough capacity for the demand, meaning this decreases the appeal so there are less tourists spreading their culture, however the demand is due to tourists mainly.

3.3. Also the airport is around 1 hour car journey from Ubud and Putu is less likely to have traveled around the world. However it is possible as there are a few major roads and transport links from Ubud.

4. Production Networks

4.1. There are many TNCs in Bali due to the attraction to tourists, this includes Mcdonald's which has existed in Bali since 1991 and soon might be moving to Ubud which would affect Putu's life as he would see more of American and Western culture that was less frequent

4.2. However another American company "Circle K" has 42 stores in Bali, in Ubud they have 5 ATMs, 2 convenience stores and one supermarket. This would directly affect Putu as he is likely to buy from these shops as they are accessible and also as it is an American shop they may have American Merchandise.

5. Political Networks

5.1. Ubud is likely to have some economical ties with the Netherlands as they had economical and political control over Bali in the 1840s all the way up until 1946 when they finally became independent as part of "Republic of the United States of Indonesia" This would affect Putu as it helps with trade and also helps the economical security of the city where he lives, effecting the development.

6. Demographic Networks

6.1. The flow of Tourist to Bali has increased significantly in recent years. This effects Putu as more tourists are visiting Ubud and spreading their culture to the people there including Putu. Kuta, a city near Ubud was drastically effected by tourism and it is seen to have ruined the city as it seems to have lost most it's culture. As more tourism to Ubud there is an increase in construction projects for hotels and shops, showing an increase in globalization as more TNCs are wanting shops there for an increased profit as it gets bigger. Then again there is a "No noise after 22:00" rule which appears to have been followed showing how the culture is yet to have been majorly affected or ignored.