The Theory of Multiple Intelligences: A Self Evaluation for     Daniel Ouellette

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The Theory of Multiple Intelligences: A Self Evaluation for     Daniel Ouellette by Mind Map: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences: A Self Evaluation for     Daniel Ouellette

1. Linguistic

1.1. fluent in English, French and Chinese

1.2. starting to learn German and Greek

1.3. love for learning languages

1.4. love for idioms

1.5. going to Quebec for French immersion 2017

1.6. speaking Mandarin Chinese daily

1.7. practicing writing Chinese characters

1.8. active for language exchanges online

1.9. advanced level skills in creating target language whole environment

1.10. able to copy target language accent with superior accuracy by way of constant practice and repetition

1.11. read in various languages daily

1.12. French/English teaching experience

1.13. 20 years of Mandarin Chinese/Taiwanese language immersion in Taiwan

1.14. Trois Pistoles Quebec French immersion: two six week sessions

1.15. enjoy watching foreign films

1.16. active pen pals for French, English, German, Chinese

2. Logical-Mathematical

2.1. average mathematical skills

2.2. poor at solving math problems

2.3. good at budgeting money

2.4. excellent geometry skills

2.5. great algebra skills

2.6. average banking skills

3. Spatial

3.1. below average art skills

3.2. average dexterity

3.3. good navigation skills

3.4. good driving skills

4. Musical

4.1. poor musical abilities

4.2. no natural musical talents

4.3. learned to play trumpet in high school

4.4. learned to sing a song in Chinese/French

4.5. listen to and enjoy listening to music daily

4.6. learning guitar - resiliency

4.7. positive mind-set: self-efficacy

5. Bodily-Kinesthetic

5.1. juggling ability

5.2. long distance swimmer

5.3. long distance running

5.4. not very flexible

5.5. love to play all kinds of sports

5.6. high endurance levels

5.7. competitive but not over competitive

5.8. excellent table tennis skills

6. Interpersonal

6.1. patient

6.2. cooperative

6.3. slow to anger

6.4. tolerant

6.5. spontaneous

6.6. understanding

6.7. peace maker

7. Intrapersonal

7.1. procrastination

7.2. loyal

7.3. outgoing

7.4. goal orientated

7.5. poor communication skills

7.6. culture shock experience

7.7. critical consciousness

7.8. intrinsic motivation

8. Naturalistic

8.1. love for geology

8.2. enjoy camping outdoors

8.3. enjoy hiking in the fresh air

8.4. supporter of anti-hunting

8.5. ancestors in Metis Native American Tribe

8.6. a genuine caring attitude about the environment

8.7. a love for nature - flora and fauna